Approved Providers

Approved Providers

Approved providers are individuals or organizations accredited by the Law Society to provide Continuing Professional Development activities.  Activities provided by the approved providers will constitute accredited CPD activities; however due to the nature of our database, approved providers are still required to provide the necessary information related to a CPD Activity by submitting a CPD Activity Application Form.

The following organizations are currently approved providers under the CPD policy:

  • Saskatchewan Trial Lawyers' Association;
  • Canada Law Book;
  • Canadian Association of Labour Lawyers;
  • Canadian Bar Association;
  • Canadian Corporate Counsel Association;
  • Canadian Defence Lawyers;
  • Carswell / Thomson Reuters;
  • Federation of Law Societies of Canada;
  • Insight Information;
  • Legal Aid Commission of Saskatchewan;
  • LexisNexis Canada Inc.;
  • Ministry of Justice and Attorney General, Public Prosecutions Division;
  • Saskatoon Criminal Defence Lawyers Association;
  • Saskatchewan Crown Attorneys' Association;
  • Saskatchewan Crown Counsel Association;
  • The Canadian Institute;
  • The Law Society of Saskatchewan;
  • The Library of Parliament;
  • Any provincial or territorial Law Society in Canada and any educational or professional development organization affiliated with such a Law Society;
  • Any College of Law in Canada which is recognized by the admission rules of the Law Society.

PLEASE NOTE: The Law Society has ceased granting any additional organizations approved provider status.

The Law Society is happy to consider all CPD activities on an individual basis.  Organizations must complete and submit a CPD Activity Application Form for each of the programs they wish to have approved.

For further information, please contact the Director of Admissions & Education.